Life Imitating Art

So I was walking into school when one of my more passionate readers came running up to me with this wild look of excitement on her face.
“Mrs. Crupi, I know what we can do for Mr. Tranchina.”
So let me back up a sec. Recently, there was a devastating fire in Long Branch right on Brighton Ave which is lined with Scala’s Pizza, Surf Taco, Junior’s Burgers, Carvel, and oh yeah, did I forget to mention, the beach is just a block away? Several teachers in my district rented apartments over the stores on Brighton and their lives were turned upside down when the fire destroyed everything. The next day, my husband and I drove by and there was nothing but smouldering rubble. These people lost everything, sadly including several pets.
Well, my student, let’s just call her ‘Jasmin’ came running up to me to say, “We have to do a 5K to raise money for Mr. Tranchina, just like in your book.”
The book she was referring to is Daniel’s Story: Lungs Prefer Air and it is the first in the Seven Presidents High School Series. In the story, Daniel convinces Jazmin to run for the Board of Education in order to stop an abusive principal. In order to gain support, he works with the track team to organize a 5K in town.
I looked at ‘Jazmin’ and said ok. A couple of calls later and a visit to Skip’s Sports, who practically donated the t-shirts we are using for a fundraiser, and our 5K is on. We are even forming a running club, just like in the book so we can all get in shape by April 7.

If you live in the area, we would love to have you join us! It will take place at the Long Branch Pavillion right in Pier village. Look for the application forms to be posted.

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