Martin, a description

Martin’s Story: Let No One Put Asunder, Book 4:

Life didn’t end when Martin was struck down as an eight year old boy riding a bike. Living up in heaven had its perks, but for Martin, something was always missing. Kassie did her best to get by, but always felt alone even when she was surrounded by her closest friends. Except when he came to visit. Kassie had always known that she was haunted, but it wasn’t until that one day in class that she found out who her secret ghost was. Now being together is a necessity. Figuring out why they are able to be together is the challenge. And worrying if they will ever be apart is their biggest fear.

Finding the meaning of life is a gift. This story addresses the topics of life and death, religion and God from a teen perspective. A very definitive view of heaven and our role in it is provided. Perspective is built upon belief and facts. From this understanding, answers are revealed. Warning: This book may give comfort to someone who is grieving a lost relative. It may also help someone who is having issues with depression. Although the topic of suicide is addressed, the book in no way advocates any specific form of treatment. It simply presents one situation where a life is saved by people who show they care and let someone at risk know they are loved. *Liability Disclaimer: People may feel a connection to others and offer kindness, people may begin to accept themselves as the amazing, unique individuals that they are, and acceptance may become the norm. Oh yeah, and all of this will be accomplished with laughter, humor, and good storytelling.

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