Daniel, a description

Daniel’s Story: Lungs Prefer Air, Book 1:

Between good friends and casual drugs, Daniel thinks he’s got it made in high school. For Jazmin, years have passed since she was abused by her mother’s boyfriend, but the scars he caused haven’t faded. After their teacher assigns a persuasive essay challenging students to improve one aspect of their life, Daniel comes up with a plan to have Jazmin run for the Board of Education in order to stop an abusive principal. Daniel is ready to become her hero and help make her project come to life, but can a pot smoking, underachieving, liar like him come through for her? He has to.

A realistic portrayal of high school students facing issues with no easy solutions. Working together, Daniel and Jazmin find their importance in the world and realize they have the power to make their lives better. Issues faced include abuse, bullying, casual drug use, the importance of healthy friendships and maintaining family relationships. Warning: this book entertains and causes butterflies in the stomach. Although it deals with serious issues, it is not depressing. Look elsewhere if you need a box of tissues when you read. Teens are likely to experience the urge to keep reading as they get drawn into the world of Danny and Jazmin. Heavy life lessons are surgically implanted without the readers’ knowledge and/or consent. *Liability Disclaimer: Families fights have resulted from parents attempting to read the books before their children have finished.

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