Jordan, a description

Jordan’s Story: A Life Worth Living, Book 2:

Surrounded by phony people at school and living with the pressures of an alcoholic father at home, Jordan has no place to be himself except at his grandfather’s senior center. Elle is stuck between superficial friends and her desire to fit in at school the way she feels when she volunteers at the senior center. In spite of Jazmin’s secret plan to make Jordan and Elle a couple, they can’t stand one another. They don’t see anything they have in common even as the ‘six pack’ tries to pressure Elle into becoming a girly-girl which she definitely is not, and then attempts to turn Jordan into some kind of Jersey Shore wannabee. Independently, Jordan and Elle successfully escape the six-pack’s clutches, but fall prey to the meddling forces of the senior center. This time, they don’t stand a chance as they realize that there might be something between the two of them after all. Then, Jordan’s world comes crashing down on him. Can he face DYFS and keep them from taking him and his sister away? With Elle’s help and a couple of feisty veterans, Jordan learns that anything is possible.

A realistic portrayal of teenagers facing life issues. Warning: If sweet handholding and intimate kissing is not for you, put down this book immediately. But, if you feel old people have nothing to offer, then you seriously need to sit down and read this book. *Liability Disclaimer: The reader may experience the urge to find a date and sit on their front porch at night watching the stars and sharing secrets. Also, senior citizens beware: teens may realize you have something to offer and may want to get to know you. Be prepared to share stories and bake cookies. Also, pasta may be attempted to be cooked from scratch – don’t ask, just enjoy.

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