Jean-Luc, a description

Jean-Luc’s Story: People Are Closer Than They Appear, Book 3:

With an American born mother and a French born father, life for Jean-Luc growing up in France is anything but boring. Heather is a Jersey Girl, born and bred. When the two are paired up to work on a social studies project, their differences appear insignificant as a friendship begins to develop. However, Heather can’t fight her insecurities. Choosing a local boyfriend over Jean-Luc seems like a no brainer, but to Jean-Luc who has lived with a younger brother with leukemia, he realizes he has to be honest with his feelings for her. When Heather isn’t brave enough to choose Jean-Luc he puts distance between them in order to protect his heart from getting crushed. Unfortunately, this leaves her exactly where her new interest Marcus wants her; alone and unprotected. Jean-Luc’s priority must be to his family and his brother Lonnie. Can Jean-Luc protect Heather from a distance while his love for her threatens to destroy him? Sometimes, faith alone is not enough. Action needs to be taken…

A heartwarming story of teenagers from different backgrounds coming together. Jean-Luc and Heather are just two teens in love. Sadly, life has them living on different continents and simple solutions aren’t easy to come by. Warning: Hidden in this story of first love is the lesson of life and how precious it is. Serious preaching is done about being true to yourself and to those who deserve your loyalty. Issues of date rape, Rophenol, and sexting are subtly thrown in for good measure and safe dating is basically forced down everybody’s throat without them even noticing. Nice, huh? *Liability Disclaimer: Reader may spontaneously start speaking French and following European soccer.

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